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Traveling from various adventures across the nation, Jasmine Romaine has compiled a myriad of entries derived from personal experiences, infused with motivational excerpts that will empower readers to be filled with faith and inspiration. In Jazzed Inspirations, Jasmine encourages finding the beauty in every situation in life through God. She aims to help readers learn something from every experience that will take them to the next level to fulfill their purpose. 
This read is categorized to fit experiences of day-to-day situations people encounter; where they can be inspired to claim success in their personal and professional endeavors. Through the pages being flipped, readers will see the passion through Jasmine’s writings as she takes them on a journey to transform their minds to be empowered to win!

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Jasmine Romaine: @j_romaine

Jasmine Romaine is the Founder and President of JazzCellence, LLC as well as Author of Jazzed Inspirations. As a Transformational Strategist and Motivational Speaker, her mission is to help women with their clarity and confidence so they can move further into their purpose. All by leveraging how to use their God given gifts to make money and developing their confidence to win in a competitive market!

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