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We all receive way too many online newsletters accounts, right? If we're going to take the time to register with an email list, much less actually open the emails we receive, it really needs to be worth our while.

That's why I understand what I'm asking when I put this email opt-in online. You're entitled to extra benefits above and beyond what typical newsletter creators are used to. Check some of them out below!

Be Heard

Democracy Rules

Have a say in what happens. Vote to shape what course the newsletter takes, what kind of online courses you'd like to see my team offer, what offerings you’d like to see from the various publishing imprints I help manage, and more!


Be the Envy of Your Friends

That's right. Free downloadable products will be made available on a regular basis. Those who don't sign up early on are going to miss out, because once these freebies go away they're gone for good.


Be Part of Something

I'll be opening up opportunities to hang out online in chats and dedicated online groups just for members of my email list. You're not only somebody I'm hurling words at, you're part of what makes all this happen, so let's hang out :)

Beta Max

Test Pilots Are Heroes

Get exclusive accesss to try products out before anybody else in exchange for reviews, discounts, design feedback, and more! Have fun while making an impact.

Cool Kid

Universal Street Cred

Be the first in the know for all things related to my writing, music, and photography, not to mention the Broadkill Writers Resort, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and the Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction.

Coming Soon

Name Your Own Benefits

A product should be built with the end user in mind, right? Watch this space, because like I said above, as a member of the Founders Circle you are going to help shape what this newsletter offers.

You Determine Your Level of Involvement

You'll receive a monthly round-up covering all my activities, and cool opportunities for you and your friends.

There will be chances to opt into extra email sequences related to specific events, free email courses, and so forth, but you're never obligated to do so.

Your Time, Your Trust, My Guarantee

If you're familiar with my activities you know I have a lot of business partners. In the online world that can raise red flags.

I never share my email list with partners, or even the publishing company I founded.

If you're handing over your information to me I'm going to keep it safe.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to you being part of my Founders Circle!

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