What readers are saying about Joynell Schultz's Books

Everything Joynell writes about is magical. It is impossible to feel “down” when reading anything Joy writes about.

Joynell's work is always entertaining, well-written, and flow's nicely. Impossible to put down!

The only thing you will loose while reading Joynell's books is a gloomy outlook on life!

About the author

Joynell Schultz

Joynell Schultz spends her days as a pharmacist who manages the family zoo (literally) and spends her nights and very early mornings creating alternative worlds writing speculative fiction. While shivering through the long Wisconsin winters with her husband, two children, Great Dane, and kitty found inside the zoo’s bear den, she enjoys reading, writing, and planning her next vacation. You can learn more on her website http://www.joynellschultz.com.