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Karen Eastland - Novelist and Mixed Media Artist

I am completing my MA in late October, 2019, and with a short break, I'll return in 2020 with more books and freebies. 

Get free content, book updates and be amongst the first to take part in some free giveaways close to book launches. 

Serial Wednesday will begin again in 2020 and will be the The Horse and Pony Show

Get in early and bring a friend. 

As I've said, I'm a Mixed Media Artist and you can see some of my work at gothicguild.org and jerrymanders.com. 

I will begin updating my portfolio kareneastland.id.au at the completion of my Masters and begin to work on josephinemarlin.com and fieldsofelysian.com as content arises about the girls, gods, Fae and naturals.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far, maybe just add your email address, press Keep me informed, and let the fun begin.