Knee Deep to Flying High!

Do you want more from life, but don't know where to start?

Let's get to work... 

What comes from these intense two hours is a profound sense of who you are.

If that is what you crave, and I know I did, this is for you: a refreshing space where you let go of all your masks and illusions and JUST BE YOU!  

No more shit = living a life you REALLY want.  No holds barred, brilliantly you and bold too!

Have you found yourself...

Wasting time doing things that kinda hit the mark...
You spend time reading self help books and not implementing them...  

Taking course after course, hoping that they are going to be THE THING!  
Tony Robbins, Millionaire Mind, Harv Ecker, More to Life... But afterwards always feeling, What now?

Surrounded by a lot of schtuff!

None of which makes you any happier. We are not our things... they may represent a moment of time, but not who we are inside...

    So what does this all mean for you?

    Well, it could start with the answer to this question...


    I was asked this many years ago it scared and excited me at the same time.  You know a bit like crying and then laughing in spite of yourself...

    >>>> Enter Stage left: The Shit Shifter Intensive!

    An intensive 2-hour session where we dig deep and clear the way for a happier you.  

    Think of it like this.

    Your life is a playroom.  Well, we are going to give it an overhaul!

    There will be: 
    Clarity - clearing out what you do not use.

    Connection - to who you truly are inside.

    Confidence - to know what to do and what not to.

    All you need to do is to click below and let's talk!

    What is your investment?

    £249 only until Dec 25th!
    Usually this is £399!

    Is it time for something different?
    Is it time for some serious shifts?
    Ready to leave that shit behind?
    Then book now lady, you won't look back!

    I cannot wait to come play with you and see who you REALLY want to be and do!

    Here I am talking a little about the Shift the SHIT!

    What do clients say?


    Project Manager

    I'm discovering new things about myself as well as rediscovering some long forgotten things, and I don't feel the same despondency and distress as I did...

    Instead I am feeling a sense of inner peace and I'm becoming more focused on creating the life and future that I want.  I now realise that I am my own expert.


    Social Media Manager
    This lady knows her stuff! In fact, she knows your stuff too! To talk to somebody that knows 'you' almost better than you know yourself, is kinda refreshing! Liberating really. Sometimes you just need to hear some home truths ~ this is the girl to do it! AWESOME! You are ❤️😘


    Actress, Photographer and Writer

    I treated myself to a two hour session with Kerry and what a great way to start the week!  

    I walked out of our session feeling empowered and ready to take on the projects I have been nervous to even look at.  

    I walked out feeling on top of the world, totally in control of my life and totally f*&%ing amazing!