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What other readers are saying about THE GIA SANTELLA CRIME THRILLER SERIES

Kathy Reel

The Reading Room

Whoa! Kristi Belcamino has done it! She has created yet another take-charge, intoxicating character who is a fierce protector of those she loves. The new girl in town is named Gia Valentina Santella, and she is smoking awesome. 

Ms. Reb

Amazon Reviewer

Gia rocks! A new feisty, smart heroine and an exciting beginning of a new series!

John Bychowski

Amazon Reviewer

Kristi Belcamino hits the jackpot once again with a striking new protagonist. Meet Giada Santella, a fast-driving, hard-drinking, Budo karate-trained free spirit, who is gorgeous, sexy, and a young heiress ... Bravo to the introduction of another multi-dimensional young firebrand.