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The world is a wide open place, filled with light and shadows under shifting clouds. 

Where the wind blows, there stories are told. I collect stories, pluck them from the fields of my imagination, polish them, put them in my pocket. 

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Laura Aliese

Laura Aliese is a Nova Scotian writer and an avid reader. She works in a public library, connecting readers to what they love most.

Her historical fiction is published in the Hot Apple with Cinnamon anthology from That's Life Communications. Her poetry has won first place in the national God Uses Fresh Ink contest through The Word Guild.

She enjoys reading slice-of-life books with a coffee in hand and with her husband, dog, and cat nearby.

Every three months, I write a letter filled with encouragement, humor, and lessons I've learned along the way. 

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Laura Aliese

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Historical Fiction Published

Twice, for Good Measure

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