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"The Holy Grail of historical cannabis books. A tremendous scholarly work, ridiculously well-researched and referenced, that entertains and delights, replete with amazing artwork and fresh ideas about the church versus 'the devil’s weed,' cannabis as a religious sacrament, the hashishin, witches, baptism by fire, and my favorite—the elixir of immortality. 

      — Julie Holland, MD The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to CannabisEcstasy : The Complete Guide : A Comprehensive Look at the Risks and Benefits of MDMA

“Bennett has done it again. Going right to the primary sources, he has produced an extraordinary volume outlining the history and occult secrets of cannabis. … Should you be interested in knowing how and why cannabis found employment in the occult arts throughout history, take heart in knowing that you hold in your hands the definitive work written by a brilliant historian.” 

     — Tom Hatsis, The Witches' Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic (2015)

"He has followed the white rabbit through the Picatrix and the Solomonic texts, to the Rosicrucians, to the Masons and the occult lodges of the 19th Century, through alchemy, witchcraft, and much more. Cannabis and other mind-altering substances have been an underground and occluded fact of the Western Mystery Tradition all along."  

     — Aaron Leitch, Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires: The Classical Texts of Magick Deciphered (2005)

"I highly recommend this grand treatise... Well researched, well written, well illustrated. Given the size of this book, the price is quite reasonable." 

     — David Allen Hulse, The Key of it All: The eastern mysteriesThe Western Mysteries: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Sacred Languages & Magickal Systems of the World

"The latest book to arrive on my desk this morning is Liber 420 by Chris Bennett. It is an Excellent book—very well researched. Even if you are not interested in cannabis, it is an excellent survey of the development of magic, alchemy, the Templars and Freemasonry from a fresh perspective. 777 pages of well written information with many B/W illustrations never seen before." 

     — Stephen Skinner, Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code and Techniques of Solomonic Magic

"In his latest effort, Bennet has uncovered and amassed an overwhelming amount of evidence in support of his claim that cannabis played a central role in many of the Western esoteric traditions, including Alchemy, ceremonial magick—and yes, even factions of Freemasonry! Liber 420 is sure to cause a stir within the Masonic community!" 

     — P.D. Newman, Alchemically Stoned: The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry (2017)



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