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What readers are saying about this book

Julia Tague


This is absolutely the kind of story that, if made into a movie, I would watch the crap out of while curled up on my couch, wrapped in a blanket, with some tea or hot chocolate. I could hear the waves, feel the salt air on my skin, and taste the delicious food Kate cooked!

Reader's Favourite

I loved reading The Waratah Inn by Lilly Mirren. It is a heartwarming family story about three sisters, Reeda, Kate, and Bindi, and their beloved grandmother, Nan. There was family love, determination, mystery, sadness, happiness, friendship, and romance all intertwined to make The Waratah Inn a great book that was hard to put down. Lilly Mirren is a gifted author who created very real, likable characters. I look forward to reading the continuing stories of the sisters and would not be surprised to see this story on the Hallmark Channel (I can even see who will portray the sisters). The Waratah Inn is a book that should not be passed up - it is a guaranteed good read.



The first book of the series gets you hooked, the others soon followed.
When reading these books, I’m there walking along the coast, helping Kate in the kitchen.
All three books were read till the early hours.