What you'll love about the book?

The sub-title sums it up nicely:

the book is a collection of short pieces filled with humour, practical tips, and inspiration.


It's also good that you can share your copy of the book simply by emailing it. You can also purchase the paperback version on Amazon

It makes for easy reading which inspires you to make the best of your situation.

  • Get back your sense of humour and fun
  • Try to help and inspire others
  • Reach out to God who is the Source of strength in difficult times


Natalee Brown


"Brilliantly written, humorous and inspirational...

I read this book at the right time, I needed to remind myself of my strengths, to keep pushing and laughing even when life challenges present itself. Urged me to finish those incomplete material that I had written. This book made me laugh. Simply well written. Thanks Joleisa".

Julie Hage, Secretary

Blogger at Filling The Jars

"Living Life While Squeezing Lemons" is like a fresh burst of Jamaican sunshine on a dreary winter day. Jo and Leisa's stories are funny and inspiring... a must-read!Julie Hage -- blogger, Filling the Jars

Erica Campbell Jackson


I was raised in a poor family on the small island of Jamaica. We played outside as children and made long lasting friends. Jo and leisa are two of those friendships that we have maintained over the years. I obtained or was reminded of a lot of valuable information in their book. I could especially relate to the section ‘Good Deed for Others'. No matter how I am struggling with my lemons, I can still reach out to people who are struggling just as me or worse. I still help when or where I can. This book is funny and very informative and I look forward to reading more. It covers everyday life issues and I have gained valuable information.

Erica Jackson Rochester, Michigan, USA.

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