FREE Resource Hub for Service-based Solopreneurs go from overwhelm and burnout to order and control.

As a service-based Solopreneur, you're used to DIYing and juggling everything in your life and business. It can get easier with my resources on time management, organizing, and goal setting to get more done in less time. 

About Jennifer

Hi I'm Jennifer, your Business efficiency Strategist!  

I help service-based Solopreneurs prevent overwhelm and burnout by gaining more time and structure, which helps them scale and grow their business to earn more money, and make a bigger impact with their cause.

If you're like me, I'm not naturally organized, nor naturally good with time management or goal setting. Heck, I'm even a recovering procrastinator!

It took owning two coffee drive-thrus and an abusive relationship to learn these topics. Now, I'm passionate about helping you, the service-based Solopreneur prevent overwhelm and get more done.

Once you sign up to the resource hub, we'll get to know each other more.