If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to get far, go together!

It's been said many times before, you're not here to do it all by your self and alone.

The ancient knew this, many generations before us today knew this. And even today we know this, but not everyone knows this little, hidden in public, secret to success...!

All great and successful men and women today have a MasterMind Group they attent and that supports them in their growth, holds them accountable and share a vision, mission and purpose that is the binding factor of the MasterMind Group.

To help you learn to F.L.Y. again, get your mythical wings back and therefor the power over your own Life, I've created a Membership based MASTERMIND GROUP to help women like yourself. 

Sarah Kathleen Peck wrote an amazing article about why your most important business move might be joining a MasterMind Group, in Forbes Magazine. You can find and read it here

"She's spot on! Also my mentor Bob Proctor, with whom I've studied for 2 years, always hammers on; create your master mind groups. I ran several in person MasterMind Groups."

And it's fun, you make friends, learn new skills, learn to step up, to follow through, to give and receive. I tell you; I am still in touch with most of my attendees and some of them are very close at heart.

Now, I understand you're not all living near me, in the Netherlands, and that most of you find yourself located accross our beautiful planet.

But you all are on the internet otherwise you wouldn't see this page in the first place, right?

So I've created our own Sacred Safe Space in which our MasterMind Group will take place.

Easy to access, if you have an internet connection, from any place in the world and from the comfort of your own home, office space, toilet room during the break at your j.o.b., beach resort while you're on a holiday...

Imagine the idea to have this involved committed peer group that you always can get back to...

All friendly and cosy but also accountable, motivated, honest, respectful, people who award you and support you and who share your vision, mission and purpose..., just imagine...

You could be part of this....

For ONLY 24,99 Euro's (or $28.65) per month, you are a member of my new F.L.Y. Master Mind Group for Women.

For ONLY 24,99 Euro's (or $28.65) per month, you are a member of my new F.L.Y. Master Mind Group for Women.

What is my benefit from being a member of your MasterMind Group...?

Of course there are many more benefits from being a member of a MasterMind Group than I wrote down below for you. Just to give you a brief idea, an indication, in which ways you truly benefit from being a member of a MasterMind Group,

Peer Group

You will have access to a peer group that has to overcome the same obstacles you are, who wants to learn the same things and who will support you along your journey. You will make new friends, possibly for life!


Because of the setting of a MasterMind Group there will be an exchange of knowledge, skills, services and other forms of energy. You will benefit from this as all group members benefit equally.

Sacred Safe Space

One of the most powerful aspects of a MasterMind Group is the Sacred Safe Space you have to grow, to get feedback, to make mistakes, talk about your idea's, your insights, your flaws and to overcome them


You will be held accountable, to keep your promises, those to yourself and to others. Through accountability we become responsible for realisation of what we want to create and manifest.

Laboratory to learn & experiment

Having a fail safe laboratory where you can test your idea's and concepts and hold them against your peer group. Also brainstorm & create new idea's, business angles or concepts with your peergroup..

Expanding of your Network

Because of your regular connection with your peer group and it's members, you have suddenly the ability to access someone else's network. Which can reach far beyond what you can tap into yourself. You never know who another person knows who can help you...

Regular Connection

Wanting to achieve something is in many cases a lonely business. Being in a regular connection with people who've the same desires, motivation, drive and vision as you, will give you a much better change of achieving what you have in mind and at heart! 

Trusted Circle

You're building a trusted circle of people around you, who are willing and able to help you with difficult choices and hard decisions. Because they've learned to get to know you and who have closed you in their hearts. These people will become like your most valuable treasure over time..

Now...,  being a part of a MasterMind Group, is unimaginable valuable..., and will help you manifest the life and/or business you desire. Because you'll find yourself in between a group of peers that rejects faillure and who will help you to achieve your personally set goals and personal growth.

It helps if you are commited and involved to the vision, mission and purpose of the MasterMind Group. Because your commitment and involvement is the glue that holds the MasterMind Group together and makes it work for everyone involved.

This is a minimum recquirement to apply; you must be willing to commit and involve yourself for a minimum of a year. But you don't have to decide now....

We live in a Universe of Space & Time, needless to say we unfortunately don't have a magic want that manifests instantly what we want. We need some time to make things happen and set the Universe in motion.

So you can pick up your mythical wings and learn to F.L.Y. again.. 

Personally I think a MasterMind Group should be available and affordable for anyone. It's one of the best investments in yourself and your business.

And to make sure anyone can join and benefit from the power of a MasterMind Group, I have decided to keep the membership fee for this F.L.Y. MasterMind Group on an absolute low cost basis

For ONLY 24,99 Euro's (or $28.65) per month, you are a member of my new

F.L.Y. Master Mind Group for Women. Read on, there's more;

I have decided to offer you the first month of your MasterMind Group for FREE!


You will get ANOTHER MONTH  for FREE if you sign up for a YEARLY membership, after your first free month!

Or just right here and now...

To start it's totally free for the FIRST MONTH! There is NO CATCH, No Credit Card Details are asked, whatsoever!

Your mastermind group starts:


What is the plan...?

After you've registered today, We start with the F.L.Y. MasterMind Group on monday december 3rd 2018.

Your first FREE MONTH starts here. You will receive the agenda for the first month.

Every session results in a to do list for which you have 2 weeks to accomplish. We have bi-weekly sessions of 3 hours each. Each session has it's own agenda and starts with an evaluation of the previous session. 

After your first free month you decide if you want to move ahead and sign up for a YEAR of Membership to this MasterMind Group.

If you agree and confirm, you will be send an application form and will be asked for payment details. In return we send you a commitment agreement to sign and return back to us.

After we've received your signed commitment agreement, you will receive from me the link and key to your new Sacred Special Space.


Your second FREE MONTH is the last month of 2019.

Why..? You may ask yourself.


We want you to be really committed and we don't want to see you pan out or bounce off after a couple of months, we want you to succeed and get the most out of it.

But in order to do so, you have to be fully involved and motivated to follow through.

Because you are worth it, you deserve it and you don't have to let it for the price, it's virtually peanuts...!!

Are you ready.....?? Because;

Your mastermind group starts:


#TIP Why don't you bring along some friends..? Or invite someone for who you think this might be interesting, feel free to share this page in abundance. Having friends in a MasterMind Group is a great experience to share!