What's in a number?

Do your children and students understand and enjoy Math?

This self-paced Math course is built around engaging, hands-on, low-prep activities, designed to lead students into a deep understanding of the way numbers work.

This Math course will help kids develop:

  • a strong number sense
  • a love for learning, and
  • confidence in their own ability to do Math.

Wait ... tell me more ...

What is this course about?

In this course, students will work with ten frames to:

    Subitize numbers

    Instantly recognize amounts of objects arranged in groups of 1's, 5's, and 10's.

    Construct and Deconstruct numbers

    "Build" numbers in groups of 1's, 5s', and 10's, then "break them apart" back into smaller groups.

    Use "Math Talk"

    Turn visual understanding and explanations into "Math Talk" equations.

    ... And they will use all these strategies to add and subtract double-digit numbers WITHOUT

    • relying on memorization of facts, or
    • perfecting the art of algorithms for borrowing and carrying numbers.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is perfect for 

    • 4-6 year olds who are just beginning to learn Math, or
    • students of any age who are struggling to understand Math

    Once kids can count to 20 and understand one-to-one correspondence, they are ready to begin developing number sense through a strategic, interactive use of ten frames.

    This course will lay a foundation that will help children "own" their understanding as they advance through double-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    The complete course will cover fundamental Math concepts from PreK - 3rd grade Math, but can be taught (and learned!) in a much more condensed time frame.

    (Note: Older students may be able to advance quickly through the lessons currently available, but these initial lessons lay a necessary foundation for the coming lessons when we dive into addition and subtraction strategies - and more. 

    A future edition of this course that will cover multiplication and division is currently in the works and is available for pre-launch pricing now.)

    Hands-on Math ...

    This course is built around hands-on activities and guided lessons that help kids discover how Math works, through the use of:

    • "bite-sized" video tutorials,
    • reusable practice pages
    • hands-on activities
    • graphic organizers
    • Math games,
    • automatically graded quizzes,
    • and more!

    ... and hands-off Math

    This program is designed to be hands-on for students but as "hands-off" for parents as possible. :)

    The video lessons teach the concepts, the activities provide structured practice to help students work through concepts, and the interactive, self-grading quizzes allow kids to check their own progress. In addition, you will find the following tools that help make this a low-prep course for parents/tutors/teachers:

      Pacing Guide

      A suggested pacing guide that breaks the entire course into 10-20 minute sessions with built-in daily review

      Table of Contents

      A checklist version of the TOC at the front of the all-in-one activity guide that guides you through the course

      Skills Checklist

      A skills checklist for each lesson to ensure students are mastering the skills, not just moving through the course ;)

      This course will help your students

      understand and enjoy Math

      and will help them

      build a solid foundation of knowledge that they own

      so they can confidently advance through higher levels of Math.

      What parents and teachers are saying

      "I truly love the simplicity of it, and that it comes with everything included." 

      -- Kerry W.

      "My daughter has struggled with Math ever since she began school, and has been counting from 1 every time she needs to add anything. After watching the videos, she finally got it and was so proud of herself! ... Words can't express how happy she is to finally understand this concept! Thank you so much for creating this program!"

      -- RG

      "Math Makes Sense helped me to start teaching Math in a fun way that they understood and loved."

      -- Kristen M.

      "My daughter and I are super excited to continue on in the Math Makes Sense courses. The ten frames have opened up her eyes and helped her understand math. It has helped my sanity, too, as I don't have to listen to her start from one every single time she adds!"
      -- Renee G. 


      • This course (part 1) is complete.
      • Part 2 will be coming out in October, 2019 and will cover all of Part 1 in a much more condensed format and then go on to cover multiplication and division. 
      • The complete course will include everything from Part 1 and Part 2.
      • Both Part 2 and the complete course are currently available for a pre-launch price.

      You can see all courses, prices, and free sample lessons here:

      What is this course worth?

      This course includes the following elements:

      • Teaching Math with Ten Frames ebook ($8)
      • Math games ($8)
      • 175+ page activity file (approx $20)
      • 10+ online quizzes (automatically graded) ($4)
      • Self-paced, low-prep course elements (pacing guide, skills checklist, video tutorials, online course structure, etc.) created by a homeschooling mom with a Masters in Teaching, 6 years experience in the classroom, and 20+ years tutoring Math (at least $30 added value to the ebook and individual resources listed above)

      The complete course (valued at $70) is now available for only $29! 

      You can visit the course page

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