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What started as a weekly motivational message to keep in touch with family and friends soon turned into Mondays Are for Queens Volume 1 presents, 52 Motivational Refills for the Queen Who Pours into Others. 

I know what it’s like to be the hardworking Queen that everybody wants a piece of. The one that’s always there for everyone, the one everyone calls for advice, the one that’s the family mediator, the one that doesn’t bat an eyelid as she multitasks, the entrepreneur that also has a job, the best friend, the sister, the mother. The list goes on and on. It can get hectic being a Queen and that is just some of the things that we do. 

Inspired and written by Alexia’s personal trials and experiences, Mondays Are for Queens offers gems of wisdom & motivation to conquer challenges we face daily.

This book is for you my love, Queens need refills too! 

Mondays Are for Queens will motivate, inspire, and encourage your own personal journey.

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