5 Day Email Course Overview

In this FREE course you will learn the basics to set up your own custom planner to help you get organized and stay on track to get done what you need to get done. And once you know the basics you can further customize and personalize your planner to fit your unique personality and lifestyle. Everyone is different and the beauty of creating your own planner is that you can design it however you want so it works for you and can help you to achieve you goals.

Day 1

I show you what materials I use and recommend that wont break the bank.

Day 2

I go over where this custom planner concept came from and what a Future Log is. I will show you two options to pick from for your own Future Log.

Day 3

I will show you two options for your Monthly Overview, one minimalist and one more detailed.

Day 4

I will go over why I use a Habit Tracker and Expense Log and show you how to create one for yourself.

Day 5

I will show you two options for your Weekly Spread which will be the main spreads you will utilize on a daily basis in your Custom Planner.

Recap and My Favorites

In this bonus email I review all of the spreads from the course and I show you which spreads I prefer and how I use them.