If YOU are you eager to

  • Significantly decrease arguments and power struggles
  • Communicate to your children so that they would listen
  • Manage evening and morning routines calmly and pleasantly
  • Set boundaries in a respectful and respected manner
  • Set agreements that work in the long run
  • Decrease guilt around parenting decision making
  • Better communicate with your extended family

This course is for you. 

You Set the Date

You Set the Time

6 online sessions that will change your life at the privacy of your house - without booking a babysitter.

This Nonviolent Communication Parenting Course is a parenting course like no other; not only in terms of the knowledge that you will gain and the profound impact it will have on your relationships (parenting and other), but also in terms of the impact it will have on your life with YOU.

If the vicious cycle of fear, guilt, and shame had gotten the best of you, and if you feel its devastating affects on your children, if you want to escape it and lead a free life: this course is for you.

What Will You Learn?

Session 1

In the first session of this parenting course we will learn all the aspects of violent communication, where it stems from, and why this is the only language we are taught to speak.

This violent language is the MAIN reason to all the fights, the conflicts, and the power struggles that are so present in our lives. During this lesson we will lean how to identify these violent words and phrases, and discover strategies that help us avoid the use of these words in our (immediate) future.

Session 2

In this session we will learn how to flip violent communication into nonviolent communication.

Beneath our anger, beneath our frustration and sadness, behind accusations and claims, there's something that vividly lives in us, a need that is not being met. A need so important to us that it keeps triggering all our reactions with the single hope of, eventually, being met. Needs are the cornerstone of Nonviolent Communication.

In this session we will learn three techniques to discovering these unmet needs as they arise, as well as six strategies to creating the desired reality, living a life of met needs with ourselves, our partners, and children.

Session 3

In this session we will learn how to speak our needs in a way that allows our loved ones to hear, and choose to help us meet these needs. Through authentic self expression we will trigger our loved ones' most inner and basic need of helping the ones they are connected to, thus - us. We will start seeing how our children react to our requests and start cooperating - not from external motivations such as coercion, but from the inner motivation for deep connection. For love.

Session 4

In this session we will learn what is empathetic listening and how it saves over 80% of the fights and the conflicts, the power struggles and the insisting. With this new tool we will learn how to encourage our loved ones to speak their needs and cooperate, instead of fighting, hitting, and yelling. Instead of blaming.

Session 5

In this session, equipped with all the basics of Nonviolent Communication, we will learn how to problem solve and manage nonviolent conversations in times of conflict.

This session puts everything we have by now learned into practice that is easily used in every relationship, at home, and even at work.

Session 6

This session is fully dedicated to you: your questions, your thoughts, your experiences, all needed clarifications. It is your place to share anything on your heart and mind and receive the support of the community.

What Participants Say:

Luis Smith

It's amazing to learn how many things we do just because we think we need to do things in a certain way. Its amazing to see how parenting choices can change when we are brave enough to look deeper within and find what really matters to us. I recommend this course to all parents out there. 

Nicole Marshall

This course completely changed my views on this world. As of the first session I felt so much better and more relaxed and my children felt it immediately. By the third session the house finally started looking and feeling the way I always wanted it to. 

About Viki de Lieme

Viki de Lieme is a mother, a Nonviolent Communication Specialist, a parent coach therapist, and an author. This course had been the leading course in her NVC academy for over two years, with hundreds of participants from all over the world.