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Words From Our Readers...

Terese D.

"A concise, but vast array of natural living information all at my fingertips from a company that I completely trust. The constant Googling gets exhausting. I have never seen anything like this, that covers so many topics." 

Jamie H.

"EASY TO READ.  Five sections per page and a small summary of each one. I especially love the food and cosmetic sections where you listed the really bad ingredients. This will make it super easy to pull up at the store without having to Google ingredients." 

The Time-Saving Resource Guide for Your Natural Living Lifestyle

You're on the natural living journey.

But just don't have the time to get lost in yet another internet search that leaves you EVEN MORE confused than when you started.  

We put the BEST of the BEST into a 10-category guide so you can STOP searching and START living naturally. 

          • Top 5 Wellness Blogs to Follow

          • Top 5 Brands with Natural Ingredients

          • Top 5 Essential Oils to Have at Home

          • Top 5 Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

          • and more!

Angie G.

"This guide is so freaking awesome! I’ve been living naturally for over 10 years and I discovered some great new resources and information in this guide. Thank you so much!! I wish this guide existed 10 years ago. It would have saved me hours of research and loads of overwhelm and confusion. The design is beautiful and the layout is extremely well designed and easy to read."

About the Author

Christine is the founder of Treesnail Natural Essentials, an all-natural personal care product company in St. Louis, Missouri that hand makes small batch recipes with dried herbs, natural butters, and pure essential oils.

Treesnail's mission is to make natural living approachable wherever you are in your journey.

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