No More Tantrums: Empowering Children to Peace of Mind

From the readers:

Samantha James

I was amazed to learn how many of our actions and words are automatic, having nothing to do with who we are and what we really want. This book is a must read for all parents. 

Bernard Dunn

I am thankful for the opportunity given to me to read this book while still awaiting my first born. I'm sure that if all parents-to-be could read this - our future would be much brighter.  

Stephanie Hart

It's one of these manuscripts that you take on being a certain person, and by the time you are done reading - you are a completely different person. This is a warm recommendation for anyone who wants to start living, and parenting, differently. 

About the Author

Viki de Lieme

Viki de Lieme is a mother, a writer, a Nonviolent Communication specialist, and a parent coach and educator. For the past years she had been devoting her life for children and parents all over the world, on their path towards their unique selves and a life of empowered connection and cooperation. 

This is her first book.