Why Join This Challenge?

Nonprofit fundraising is ______! What word would you use to fill in the blank?

If passion was enough then every nonprofit would be fully funded, right? But without the right strategy, nonprofit fundraising can be hard. 

The ongoing pressure of raising enough revenue to meet operations, support programs, and expand new services can even compromise your mission.

Stop scrambling to build sustainable fundraising practices and imagine IF:

  • You have a growing and committed base of monthly donors
  • Your meetings with donors lead to financial partnerships
  • You know where to find new donors to build your support base
  • You are able to expand beyond the annual event to include multiple reliable funding sources that can be leveraged to generate ongoing revenue

Join me in the Nonprofit Fundraising Jumpstart Challenge and turn this wish-list of "IFs" into a reality.

In This Challenge You Will:

  1. IDENTIFY THE STUCK POINTS -- by getting clear on the gaps preventing your nonprofit from raising more money so that you can shift from "stuck" to sustainable.
  2. CREATE A FUNDRAISING STRATEGY -- by discovering the most effective strategy to increase monthly donations so that your nonprofit builds in sustainable revenue, now.
  3. FIND THE RIGHT DONORS -- by learning how to connect with the right donors by taking the guesswork out of who to approach so that you can increase financial partnerships.

This Challenge Includes:

What People Are Saying

Meet The Challenge Host:

Susan Tripi DeLano, Nonprofit Coach & CEO of Rise Consulting Group, LLC

When it comes to nonprofit fundraising and a lack of financial resources, I get it. I’ve been there. I understand the long hours, the resourcefulness of stretching every dollar, the embarrassment of returning to that anonymous “bailout” donor for one more donation. At times, this struggle consumed me, causing many restless nights.

I know that you are ready to get off the fundraising rollercoaster and trade under-funded resources for consistent donations. I know that you are eager and ready to make some changes to your nonprofit's fundraising efforts. I know that you want better for your AMAZING nonprofit.

Join me for the Nonprofit Fundraising Jumpstart Challenge where you will learn the fundraising strategy to generate consistent revenue so that you can fund your mission and increase your impact.

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