What readers are saying about this book

Anthony Gilbert

Author of 'Notes From The Drift'.

"Impudent, cheeky, saucy, and beautifully –wonderfully –insanely irreverent! I love this book for all the reasons I love rock-n-roll, American muscle-cars, and 1970's Shaw Brothers martial arts flicks. Reading this book, you'll be stained by its wisdom! 

Rob. T W

The structure of the book is fairly whimsical but the content quickly asserts itself as being worthy of revisiting multiple times. My first read-through was quick, given the nature of the “scenes” and characters, but constantly interrupted with "wow that's a good concept" and "I need to look into that more".



This is the history of the Martial Arts - and our own ever-evolving mash-up culture as you've never seen it before. Laugh and learn.

This is really a new kind of format, an astounding mixture of information and humor