What readers are saying about Moving to Love

Frisco Lady


Verified Purchase

"I was beginning to think '*Today's Writers* only knew how to write SHORT stories!!!
One's that if printed and published in paperback form, wouldn't even have as many pages as a comic book. Mostly they're like a 60 second man! 'Wham!' 'Bam!' Now HURRY UP - go buy the rest of my books!!!
Not this story! This was a FABULOUS fully rounded out - EXCELLENTLY written and detailed story! Yes, there are very explicit sex scenes. They belong in this story, but they are NOT THE story!..."


Single Moms can Find Love too!

"Ok. There’s no doubt that P.J. Fiala’s “DOG DAYS OF SUMMER” romance includes plenty of steamy sex. But what also had me flipping pages was her touching story and appealing characters.

The heroine, Joci, has major trust issues with men. A slightly older single mom, she has survived her hurtful past with males by developing a seemingly impenetrable shell. Until she meets Jeremiah and sparks fly every which way. As the book goes along, descriptions of their passion turn more and more romantic, protective, and caring. More than that, we begin to see how finding someone who fits perfectly with another––in and out of bed––is a true blessing..."

Deb D

Great Read

"Moving To Love is a fantastic contemporary romance by P.J. Fiala. Ms. Fiala has given readers a book that is well-written and loaded with phenomenal characters. Joci has raised her son with the help of family and friends. When her son, Gunnar, asks for help with the Veteran's Ride event that the motorcycle shop he works for sponsors. Jeremiah is the owner of Rolling Thunder Motorcycles and is captivated by Joci at their first meeting. Jeremiah and Joci's story is loaded with drama, humor, sexy bits, action and suspense. I loved this book from the first page to the last, so be warned, once you start this book you won't want to put it down. Moving To Love is book 1 of the Rolling Thunder Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger."