Personal Branding & Consulting Investment Prices

“If you never want to be criticized, for goodness’ sake don’t do anything new.” Jeff Bezos

Try something new today. Invest in your personal style to skyrocket your look, career & confidence.

"Menesa focusses on the actual individual and doesn't give cookie cutter solutions. I am better poised to progress because of the confidence boost I've gotten knowing what to wear for what events. I am confident that I always look beautiful!" - Nicole Philip

"My wardrobe is much more organised now and getting dressed is a pleasure, not a disaster. The mornings are not wasted trying to decide on what to wear because Menesa has taught me about what looks good with my body type and complexion. I can finally start the day stressfree." -
Candice Hollins

"As a busy mom, it's great that I can now sort out my makeup & what to wear, quickly & confidently. Also, Menesa has shown me how I can shop my closet for new looks without having to waste additional time and money shopping for outfits I already have at home." - Donna Philip