Stock Photo Bundles & Phone Photo Tips!

Phone Photography is HUGE right now! Phone VIDEO is even HUGER (huge, huger, hugest, right?!)

Instagram feeds, Instagram stories, IGTV, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Facebook Lives!

If you're in business for yourself, you HAVE to be getting yourself - yup, YOU - out onto the platforms where your potential audience hangs out.

Shying away from the camera is no longer an option. It's time to get confident on camera - phone camera, that is!

That's why I've created these 4 quick tips for you to uplevel your phone photography (and videography) game!

Whether it's your face or your products you need to capture, these tips will help you do that with confidence!

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PLUS, to get you started, you'll also receive 2 bundles (18 of each colourway) of flatlay photos for you to use however you want!