7 Days to a More Positive You

Being positive is hard! Finding the good in every situation seems overwhelming and impossible. Take our 7 Day challenge to begin your journey at being a more positive version of yourself. 

What you’ll learn

This 7 Day Journey will take you through many aspects of your life and teach you ways to find the positive in each one. Here are some of the topics we will cover over the course of this email series.

Love Yourself

Learning to be positive means loving yourself first. You can't find the positive all around you when you constantly think negative thoughts. 

The Best Parts of Your Day

We will explore ways to find the best pieces of each day. Learn to appreciate the small moments no matter what else happens. 

Compliment Others

Even when someone is driving you crazy, they have positive traits. Find those positive things in others and recognize them.

About Joni Kinney | Kinney Chaos

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and daughter.  I am a full-time information technology manager for a Midwest Financial Services company. I’ve supervised a team for 15+ years in the corporate world and successfully ran and operated 2 direct sales businesses. I am passionate about helping bloggers and small business owners market and promote themselves in the Social Media world while finding the positive in every situation.