Feel lost in QuickBooks categories?

Learn what categories are need-to-know for your creative business, and tackle your books with confidence.

Does this sound familiar?

You open QuickBooks, and see a headache's worth of transactions to be categorized. You're making it through, and haven't cracked that bottle of wine yet, until you come across your conference expenses from last October. Should it be in Travel? Education? Professional Fees? Unsure and just a little over this, you close your laptop and let it be tomorrow's problem.


Instead of closing your laptop and admitting defeat, first, take a deep breath.

Next, take time to learn the categories essential to your business with The Creative’s Guide to QuickBooks Categories. With this mini-course, you can skip the jargon-heavy manuals or the trial-and-error method to save yourself time and headaches and help your business flourish.


The Creative’s Guide to QuickBooks Categories:

This mini-course is created with creative businesses in mind, making it a powerful tool to keep your bookkeeping on track, without needing an accounting degree. Offering targeted Video Trainings, a Glossary crafted for the creative business owner, and Lifetime Access to ensure your success, you will gain knowledge relevant to your business with a format crafted for your entrepreneurial spirit.

Video Trainings

In a series of Video Trainings, I’ll guide you through each category to teach you which categories are essential for your business, AND which ones you’ll never need to use.


A Glossary created with speed and readability in mind, this reference will be a continuing companion on your business journey.

Creative Business Minded

Discover QuickBooks Categories as an online creative entrepreneur, and learn how to employ categories for even your most puzzling of purchases (here’s looking at you online subscription purchases).

Lifetime Access

As a thank you for signing up for the pre-sale, you’ll receive lifetime access to this content, including any updates, upgrades for new versions of QuickBooks, and bonus content.

Wait, who’s crafting this course?

Hey there! I’m Morgaine - the heel-toting, red lipstick-wearing, ancient historian. I'm also the Financial Strategist & Bookkeeper at Honestly Bookkeeping, the digital bookkeeping company helping business owners create profitable businesses. I partner with emerging leaders and empire builders in the online business landscape who want to create long-term wealth and sustainable businesses.  I approach each interaction with honesty, rootedness, and a heck yes attitude!

Ready to control your categorization chaos and approach your books with the boldness and can-do spirit you use to drive your business?

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