5 Strategies for Growing Your Technical and Leadership Skills


......even if you are starting with no money, no experience, no network, and no job.


Prepare for the engineering career you want while rocking the role you have.

What you’ll learn

Concise, fluff-free ebook

teaching you the 

5 Strategies to Grow Your Technical & Leadership Skills

and giving you access to a 

List of 100+ activities to kick-start your growth

even if you are a brand new engineer!


About the Author

 Hi, I'm Ash!

And I'm obsessed with engineering impact.

A first generation college graduate and chemical engineer, I set out in the corporate world to make a significant, positive impact. What I discovered is it was leadership, not just my highly developed technical skills, that set me apart and skyrocketed my career.

Since then, I've committed to teaching engineers how to improve their impact through professional and leadership development.