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Royal: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther

What does it take to be queen?

Centuries ago, a young Jewish girl unexpectedly became the queen of a vast empire. She was instrumental in saving her people from genocide.

Today, we stand in awe of her life as we eagerly devour the lessons she teaches.

From the book of Esther we learn:

- How to deal with our enemies

- The importance of choosing our friends wisely

- How to leverage our fears

- Much more.

This comprehensive Bible study is geared at teaching the teenage girl that she too was chosen for such a time as this.


What readers are saying


Blogger at Aryn the Libraryan

This study of Queen Esther was good. I found it an in-depth - comparable to many of the Big name ladies Bible studies I've done. At the same time doing a great job of explaining terms and concepts that many teens and new Christians may not be familiar with.

There were a good number of very thought-provoking questions and points to ponder. And making the connection from the theological information to the practical application was done well! I found myself learning things that have surprised me, not having seen them in 35 years of active church life!


11-year-old reader

I loved this book! it is perfect for teens that need to get back on the road to God. It gives you surveys that you can answer to see how many directions you need to follow God. The devotion talks about how Esther became a Queen and how God protected her the whole way. She says your a Queen in training. We need to have patience and love for God. This book put my eyes on God and not on my surroundings. This book is good for adults too because it tells how you can take care of your teen.


13-year-old reader

I love the book! It’s really good for teens and adults. It is about Esther and how she saved her people, the Jews, from annihilation. The book says we are “Queens in Training” and tells us how to be a queen! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a queen? The book also talks about how to keep being focused on God, and not ourselves...I would recommend this to my friends.

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Aminata Coote

Aminata Coote is a Christian author and blogger. She is passionate about teaching others how to study the Bible.  

She is a wife, mother, author, and follower of Jesus Christ who encourages women to spend time with God and root their identities in Christ so they’ll be able to focus on running the race God has set before them.

She is the author of multiple books including How to Find Your Gratitude Attitude and Through God’s Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women.