Group Masterclass & Accountability Begins in...


Schedule for Success Masterclass and Group Accountability

For Women Thought leaders who don't have regular family obligations.

... because our schedules aren't like "everyone elses."

As a child free by choice woman in my 30's, I realized early on in my business that it wasn't easy to find resources or information about time management or scheduling that didn't involve scheduling around being a parent. 

That's when I decided to take what was out there, and tweak that information to work for my lifestyle that included building my business, freelancing, going back to College and still time to travel some and experience life. #workhardplayhard 

After this Masterclass, you'll have the tools and group support you need to create an ideal schedule for where you are now, in your life and business. Then, you'll get weekly accountability check-ins for the next 8 weeks to help you tweak your schedule and keep you on track. 

You'll have:

  • Group support from other busy women in similar situations
  • Weekly Group Facebook Live check-in's for each person to have 5 minutes to ask questions, get accountability, and help with tweaking your schedule as needed 
  • Tools I've created to help you process and track everything