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Lost in the Reflecting Pool by Diane Pomerantz

A memoir and a psychological love story that is at times tender and at times horrifying, Lost in the Reflecting Pool is a chronicle of one woman's struggle to survive within―and ultimately break free of―a relationship with a man incapable of caring about anyone beyond himself.

Prisoners of War by Donna O'Donnell Figurski

This heart-wrenching and triumphant love story is a tale of advocacy and caregiving. Donna's husband, David, stumbled into their bedroom, his hand covering a blood-filled eye from a brain hemorrhage.

Steering Through It by Lynn McLaughlin

A life-altering event crushes the world around you, and around those you love. In the end, what does it all mean? The author shares her most personal thoughts, fears and triumphs over the most challenging year of her life. The voices of friends and family members right true and move the reader to a powerfully emotional and honest reflection of one's own beliefs and life's purpose.

About the author offering this giveaway

Lynn McLaughlin

Lynn McLaughlin is a Canadian educator who has spent her life devoted to ensuring each of us meets our full potential. Mother of three grown children, she currently resides in southern Ontario with her husband.

It is Lynn's hope that by traveling with her and her family through experiences and reflections, you will be empowered to advocate for yourself and others regardless of any life-altering circumstance. 

"Our mindset affirms each moment, each day and every step we must take." 

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