What people are saying about the Tax Justice Network

Heather Stewart

Political Editor, The Guardian

“The tireless campaigners at Tax Justice Network, always armed with the best data and the most incisive analysis, have been absolutely key in shifting the scandal of global tax evasion from the nerdy fringes of public debate to the very centre.”

Thomas Piketty


“TJN has done more than any other organisation to put fiscal justice at the center of the policy agenda. Tax issues should not be left to those who want to escape taxes! Changes will come when more and more citizens of the world take ownership of these matters. TJN is a powerful force acting in this direction.”

Pascal Saint-Amans

Head of Tax, OECD

“TJN has been instrumental over the past 10 years in making people understand that paying taxes is key to building a civilised society, that tax evasion and tax avoidance must be addressed without complacency. They have significantly contributed to trigger the political support necessary to fight bank and fiduciary secrecy and address the distortions of the international tax system.”

About the Tax Justice Network

The Tax Justice Network believes our tax and financial systems are our most powerful tools for creating a just society that gives equal weight to the needs of everyone. But under pressure from corporate giants and the super-rich, our governments have programmed these systems to prioritise the wealthiest over everybody else, wiring financial secrecy and tax havens into the core of our global economy. This fuels inequality, fosters corruption and undermines democracy. We work to repair these injustices by inspiring and equipping people and governments to reprogramme their tax and financial systems.