Join the Squad

What is the Share Squad?

It's simple! It's a group of romance fans that agree to help us spread the word about Buoni Amici Press events and authors. 

How will you get notified? 

A weekly email from us! 

What will you have to share?

In the email, you'll get a set of links. You just click those links and then share and like it. If you are familiar with the author, read the book, the book is something that looks interesting to you, etc. feel free to leave a comment. There's no need to say "shared" - we will know you shared it because you'll share your direct URL link with us.

Why would you share your direct URL link with us?

For every link you share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you can enter our current quarterly giveaway (the link you'll get in our weekly email to you). 

How often will you have to share?

You can share as much or as little as you'd like. We get some books/authors might not be something that interests you so don't stress over it - just don't share that post. Same goes if you are just busy one week - don't post that week but then you can start posting the next week. If at some point, helping out isn't something that interests you any more just email us and we will remove you from our list. This should be fun and stress free for you. 

If this all sounds good to you leave your email and name below. We even have a Facebook group that you can join (but it's not required). If interested click the button below.