Do you run your day?

Or does your day run you? 

Put an end to your chaotic, unscheduled or insanely scheduled, day

(Psst...that's when a lot of magic happens!)

The time audit is an intensive 1:1 review of how your schedule works now and then a detailed plan of how to change it.

STEP ONE: Together we look at how you're spending your time now and what you're current calendar looks like.

STEP TWO: The next step is to determine what you want it to look like -- what it is you need and how you want it to look.

STEP THREE:   I provide you steps on how to transform your schedule so that you can be as productive as you can be, stop the overwhelm, and get your days organized & under control.

For an additional fee, I can help you transform your Google calendar including adding your repeating tasks, color-coding, and time blocking.

Pamela Lewerenz, the Brick Wall Coach

I'm a business coach to Gen X entrepreneurs that are struggling with their business decisions. I give priority attention to clarity, confidence, and creating a focused plan for success with them! Time management, productivity, mindset, and goal setting are all components of the work I do with my clients. If you struggle with growing your business, managing your time, or pinpointing actionable goals with manageable steps, I'm just the person you want to speak with! My passion is to break down your brick walls -- all the obstacles that are stalling you -- and see you flourish!