Join our UFO Club!

Do you have languishing needlework projects?

You know - those projects you started ages ago with the greatest intentions - but somehow life (or the next shiny new project, or that project that had a deadline that just HAD to be worked on first....) got in the way?

We at The Stitcher's Muse are somewhat prone to that too, so we've started a UFO (UnFinished Object) club to help with that.

How it works

Every member submits a list of 12 projects that they would like to work on next year.

We randomize the list and assign each project a letter from A to L.

Each month we pick a letter - that is the project you work on for that month.  You do not need to finish the project nor do you have to work on it exclusively.

Motivation and Inspiration

We have a Facebook group you can join to show off your progress and check out other members' progress.

You can also email your progress for sharing

There will be prizes and awards sponsored by The Stitcher's Muse . 

What's Next?

Join our email list by submitting your email address below.  We'll send you an introductory email with more details.

Jot down your 12 projects - if you don't have 12 you can repeat some projects - please indicate which ones you'd like to work on more than once.

You can join in or cancel at any time during the year.