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The WEIRd MAgIC Trilogy

August 27, 2018 ~ BIg MAgIC, Book 1
September 27, 2018 ~ HARd MAgIC, Book 2
October 30, 2018 ~ TRUe MAgIC, Book 3


No vamps. No weres. No zombies. No undead. Instead, witches, warlocks and common humans—all misfits in a world where magic exists. That’s what I write about in The WEIRd MAgIC Trilogy, set in Kansas City.

The WEIRd MAgIC Trilogy is my first paranormal series, but not my first romance novels. I like to think humor enhances the sexual tension—especially with a heroine who has a mouth and knows how to use it. The warlock-hero considers their exchanges perfect foreplay.

And while I read almost anything, I admit right up front: I can’t imagine making love with an “undead hero”. A hot warlock, on the other hand …

I love writing, and I hope you love reading this fun, irreverent trilogy. 


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