Watch Me Rise

Rewrite your story and reclaim your joy!

Begins April 9, 2019

“You’ve got a new story to write. And it looks nothing like your past.”

Make no mistake Divas: none of us ever feels totally ready. But what do you do when you feel the gentle calling of your soul telling you that something is missing in your life?

It could be that loneliness has gotten you here. Or maybe it’s a desire to change the way things are done. Perhaps it’s your heart telling you that there is a better way of living.

There is!

Resilience is coming back stronger than we were before. Resilience is about reclaiming your life and your joy, reconnecting to your truth, and embracing transformation.

It’s sometimes hard when we are in the caterpillar stage to see where we are heading.

Watch Me Rise is an online group program for women, helping you design your roadmap to becoming the beautiful butterfly.

Are you tired of the struggle? Ready for more aligned action?

Have you come to realize that the key to your happiness lies with you and can’t be left to someone else?

Are you ready to start to curate the life that you want?

You might feel resistant, but here’s the thing: the gentle calling will never go away until you answer it. This is about your happiness and meaning in life.

Watch Me Rise will give you the tools to start answering the call. This is for real women living in the real world. My role is to help you claim ownership of your life in a way that feels concrete and empowering.

“You’ve seen my descent. Now watch my rising.” - Rumi

Program Overview:

April 9: Week One

We CONNECT with other like-minded women and get real about noticing and naming our truth.

April 16: Week Two

We get COURAGEOUS. Victim no more, we make an action plan to get to where we want to go.

April 23: Week Three

We learn how COMPASSION is the tool to make all of this happen in the most aligned, authentic and gentle way.

April 30: Week Four

1:1 COACHING follow up for Early Bird registrants to weave together a personal plan to help you reclaim your joy as you move forward.

In total, you get: 

● 3, 1-hour virtual group calls for learning, meditation, and discussion (Recorded) from 7-8pm MST Tuesday evenings
● Weekly journal writing exercises
● Suggested reading and viewing material
● Real-life “action challenges” for you to implement
● Private Watch Me Rise Facebook Group, a community to gather in rising

      Watch Me Rise is for the woman who wants to get really clear about where she is heading during this transformational stage of her life as she rises.

      She isn’t willing to settle anymore. She knows that there is something more out there for her and has decided that it’s time to make it happen. This could be starting her own business, retiring and travelling, deepening her relationships, speaking, or sharing her story.

      Sound like you? This is your time!

      $97 CAD (+ 5% tax)

      $75 USD (approx. conversion)

      *Early Bird Special — Register before March 31st and receive a BONUS 1 Hour Coaching Call with Debbie (value: $85)

      About the Facilitator

      My name is Debbie Ducommun and I am the Founder and Visionary of Resilience Divas. Yes, I've earned my academic chops in Family Studies and I've worked as a counselor with women. I also have a background in  Human Resource Management and Career and Academic Advising. But that is not what I'm all about.

      My super power is helping women reclaim their joy by finding their resilient core, coming home to self and regaining their empowerment and sense of purpose again.  I've learned not only how to deal with the difficult events in life, but I've learned what it takes to adapt and change, rest and recover. Best of all, I've learned how to come back stronger and with more joy and presence in my life. It's a process, but it's the most wonderful process of reclaiming life!