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Teeth Whitening

You'll learn how to set up automated sales funnels to save time and increase your revenue.


Learn from the best on the web. We analyzed over 500 newsletters to see what works (and what doesn't).

Emergency Dentistry

Step-by-step strategies will help you get your email marketing on the road. Ready to copy and implement!

Anthony Richmond

About Mrs. Brush

As a freelance email marketer, Anthony has helped over 260 businesses to create their personal email marketing strategy. Now it's your turn!

What you'll read


About the author

Meet your email marketing coach, Anthony Richmond.

Ch. 1

Get to know your funnels

You'll learn what funnels are, why they're important and how to set them up.

Ch. 2

Identify grow strategy

Each business has its own growth strategy. In this chapter, you'll learn to build your own.

Ch. +

And more...

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