What readers are saying about 'Nine Pines'

Jessica Warland

Goodreads Reviewer

(4 Stars)

"I got definite Stephen King It vibes from these short stories... It was a really cool, quick read that was mainly a thriller but definitely had elements of horror in there."


Goodreads Reviewer

(5 Stars)

"This was a short read but I finished it fairly quick because I didn't want to put the book down. It was that good!"

Amanda Hernandez

Goodreads Reviewer

(5 Stars)

"It has just enough spooky and just enough reality! Loved it! There's great horror and story line."

About the author

August Birch

August Birch lives in Southwest Michigan with his wife and son. He weaves dark humor, unexpected plot twists, and a rural, blue-collar work ethic throughout his writing. August creates page-flipping thrillers, built to make you late for work and keep you well-past bedtime.

August started his writing career publishing a dozen non-fiction books under a pseudonym, but made his commitment to fiction at the young age of thirty-nine. When August isn’t trying to kill people in strange ways he shaves his head with a safety razor, carries a pocket knife, and drinks black coffee.