Daughters of the Soil are excited to announce our first, luxury, racial wellness retreat and virtual experience in Ghana.

This vision is aligned with the Ghanaian government's global 'Year of the Return' campaign which marks the  400 year anniversary since our ancestors were stolen from the shores of Africa.

The team has been talking about this vision since 2017 and it's auspicious that this is coming together in alignment with the global movement of our people returning home to the motherland.

The experience will deliver a mix of compassionate workshops and adventures to help you reclaim your mind, body and soul with an attitude of prosperity and abundance in the way we care for ourselves.

Through group work, mindfulness and cultural nourishment,  you will return home with a deeper love for yourself and a renewed passion to step into the fullness of your purpose on this earth and in this lifetime!


This retreat will take place from 10th - 16th November 2019. The content will focus on racial wellness, identity and a 'Return to Self.'

Retreats are immersive, can be intense and very confrontational. so although it will be healing and restorative, we will also be covering some deep issues.  This retreat is not the best place to begin addressing deeper issues if you haven't done any prior healing work. 

Also in terms of duty of care, it's important that we know some of your history in order for us to support you effectively through the processes that may unfold. If you plan to attend this retreat with a friend, please ask them to contact the team in advance at the email address below so we can assess suitability.



Welcome ceremony - re-unifying spiritual healing process

Daily chakra cleansing healing meditation sessions

Daily interactive group workshop

Hard-copy workbook to journal and keep

18 hours of transformation teachings

Daughters of the Soil T-shirt and cotton gift bag (only for in-person and deluxe virtual packages) 

work with renowned racial wellness coach June Allen

Work with internationally renowned Psychotherapist, Energy Healer and Mindfulness coach Faith Agugu.                           

  Click below to view our London launch with a sneak peek at what you can expect during the retreat.


Who am I? What constitutes your concept of self? Is it your values, your beliefs, your job, your country of birth, your religion, your ancestry? What roles do you play in life?

Who am I as a black woman? Is the relationship with your blackness dominated by the demands of whiteness or are you able to show up within your cultural values? This self awareness session is all about code switching and the confidence to be your authentic self.


Mothers, daughters and white supremacy. Dr Francis Cress-Welsing was an American psychiatrist who wrote extensively about the psychology of racism in her ground-breaking book, The Isis Papers. In this session we will take her message to the black woman and explore the role of White Supremacy in mother daughter relationships.

How did the relationship modeled within your family impact your romantic relationship choices or lack of relationships, unhealthy relationship dynamics.


The art of receiving love- For many of us, our basic human need to love and be loved is a deep source of shame. In this session we will explore how shame and codependency feed our love avoidance and how to surrender to the art of receiving love.

Who are you in a global, historical and social context, under the system of white supremacy, you as an African woman or descents of African women.


My black is beautiful - How do you feel about your black femininity? Your shade and softness? Your curves and hair? In this space we will explore the politics of beauty, releasing victim-hood and  embracing the power of your inner goddess.

Who am I Now? Accepting 100% responsibility, taking back your power and accepting your soul purpose.




    18 Hours live workshops

    4 chakra cleansing meditation hours

    Digital RETURN TO SELF  workbook

    Well-being gift bag packaged in recycled paper

    Secret Sisterhood Compliment cards

    Higher Living organic teas

    Gaia spa & retreat eye gel

    Hours of audio recordings



    18 Live workshop hours

    4 chakra cleansing meditation hours

    Hard copy RETURN TO SELF workbook

    Daughters of the Soil deluxe cotton gift bag

     Gaia Spa & Retreat skincare &  beauty products 

    Secret Sisterhood Compliment cards

    Gratitude diary 

    African printed journal

    Rubi Fresh Glow, Cleanse and Sleep teas

    Daughters of the Soil soft cotton logo T-shirt

    1 hour post retreat therapy session with Faith / June

    Hours of audio recordings

    Pre and post retreat resources




    18 Live workshop hours

    4 chakra cleansing meditation hours

    Hard copy RETURN TO SELF workbook

    Daughters of the Soil deluxe cotton gift bag

     Gaia Spa & Retreat skincare &  beauty products 

    Secret Sisterhood Compliment cards

    Gratitude diary 

    African printed journal

    Rubi Fresh Glow, Cleanse and Sleep teas

    Daughters of the Soil soft cotton logo T-shirt

    2x 121 Sessions over the 5 Days

    Day Tour to Accra including visits to the Slave Museum and The Door of No Return. 

    Hours of audio recordings

    Pre and post retreat resources


    All fees are  in US Dollars. Flights not included.




      The Royal Senchi Hotel and Resort is situated in one of the most beautiful locations in Ghana on the banks of the famous Volta River in the Eastern Region of Ghana and about 90 minutes drive from the capital city Accra.

      The hotel allows for easy access to a lush green 35 acre conservation nature park home to rare butterfly and bird populations. The Royal Senchi has won a number of coveted awards and are proud to be considered one of the finest hotels in West Africa. For more details go to 


      Meet Your Hosts.

      Faith Agugu is an Australian based counsellor, energy healer and mindfulness coach. Born in Nigeria, Faith works with a diverse client base and is passionate about her work with Indigenous Australians and women of African Descent.

      Faith is also passionate about reducing the stigma of mental illness within the black community and works to do so with women of African descent in her online group, Ubuntu Afro Sister Circle.

      Faith has successfully navigated the professional landscape in Australia as a senior manager and CEO of her own company, Raw Fashion Agency.

      Qualifications & Professional Memberships

      • Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (BASS), majoring in counselling

      • Cert. IV in Training & Assessment

      • Accredited Aboriginal Mental Health Assessor

      • Qualitative researcher on the mental health impact of racism

      • Member of PACFA (Psychotherapists & Counsellors Federation of Australia) since 2015

      • Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists since 2015

      • Senior meditation teacher of MAA (Meditation Association of Australia) since 2018

      Faith brings a warm, gentle approach combined with her vast experience in clinical work to create workshops and retreat processes that are both expansive and transformative.

      Faith’s workshops combine mindfulness, meditation, interactive exercises, self-inquiry and reflection, accountability and sharing.

      For more information about Faith's work go to The Healing Process

      June Allen is a compassionate London based mentor, empowering the African Diaspora to explore the link between racism, addiction and self hate to promote cultural healing.  

      Following on from her own 12 step recovery journey, she has been sharing her experience, strength and hope on racial sobriety since 2012.  June has been a business owner since 2016 and continues to grow and share her knowledge to deal with the current challenges of living under the system of white supremacy.


      Volunteer work with BAME communities in 12 step recovery since 2012.

      Psychotherapy foundation pass with distinction.

      Has an online academy for nurturing racial wellness.

      Runs a monthly book club for black women to explore, share and heal.

      For more details about June and racial wellness, go to www.heal.juneallen.net

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      Daughters of the Soil are very passionate about healing the mother daughter wound and these collaborations will give you an idea how June and Faith work together with integrity, compassion and at a pace that works for you.

      - Did your black mother betray you? Healing the wounds that bind. (Video)

      - Boundaries, wounded daughters and relationships. (Audio)

      - The power of black mindfulness (Podcast)

      If you're a black women looking for a safe space to explore, heal and connect at a deeper level in the motherland, sign up below.

      One Love.

      Daughters of the Soil.

      Email - juneandfaith@gmail.com