Meet Your Instructor

Hi ! I'm Aditi Wardhan Singh. Founder of online publication Raising World Children.  Through the magazine, I aim to  bring voices around the world together to empower parents raising multicultural children.

My life has been choreographed to absorb all the cultural aspects of the world around us. Three countries and 7 cities ago, I started learning Bharatnatyam at the age of 4. I trained till I was 10 performing at exclusive events in Kuwait.  After the Gulf war, I moved to India where I went from learning a classical form popular in the South to one that  is renowned in the North of India ie Kathak. I graduated in Kathak from Allahbad University. 

My true passion though lies in the versatility of movement Indian music provides. I enjoy exploring different dance forms like Jazz, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Garba, Ball room etc. I have taught dance in Kuwait and New Jersey and have choreographed a number of pieces here in our beloved Richmond.

 It has been my dream to instruct others in the art of dance while exploring the world. IFC is the culmination of a life long dream, to teach everyone the joy dancing brings. 

Join Our IFC Family

IndiFusion Creative as the name suggests comes from being a creative who fuses Indian culture with their life. Thus IndiFusion dance, popularly called Bollywood dance is an fusion of different forms of dances from around the world with Indian classical and folk dances. This is a great way to teach kids about the world & India, while empowering them with life skills through dance. 

RVA Moms Speak About My Passion

Ankur Patel

The instructor, Aditi has an inherent passion for dancing and it is contagious! Kids will not only learn dance moves but also her zest for life, discipline which in turn will add so much to their character building. I highly recommend these classes to both kids and adults!

Payal Goyal

Aditi is a wonderful dancer !!! She is very caring and gentle . I have known Aditi for 3 years and have seen her enjoy her dance. The kids will love learning from her because she will not just teach them dance steps but teach how to love dance !!!

Vinni Mishra

I don’t know where to begin describing this passionate mom who incorporates in herself so many talents. As many of us know Aditi is not only a great mom but a very talented writer too and along with writing she has a burning passion for dancing.. I have been blessed to see her performances on many occasions and I can’t begin to describe what a loss it would be if you miss this workshop. I highly recommend it.

Rashmi Choudhary

Can’t wait to start dancing with one of the most beautiful dancers there is.

Uttara Kannan

Aditi is a fabulous dancer and her love and passion for the art form is seen in her dance and choreography. Combining her Indian classical dance training with her joie de vivre personality she brings fun and masti to Bollywood dancing. It’s always a pleasure to dance with Aditi as you will be moving and grooving to the very best tunes and enjoying every minute of it. I totally recommend IndiFusion Creative dance classes for kids and adults alike.

Jasleen Bindra

This has been a dream come true for Aditi , and when dreams become reality the spark , the passion , the dedication just overflows . We have always said dancing comes so natural to her ,the kids and parents are surely going to love learning to not only dance but embrace this art!!

Our Core Concept

Our aim is to educate the world to enjoy Indian culture while listening to the rhythm of beats within them. To let the beats within them breathe!

Let's face it. Dancing and swimming are two life skills you cannot escape in life. You end up facing it some time or another. Isn't it better to know how to listen to the beats within music and yourself? 

What We Teach at IFC

  • Performance presence
  • Indian Folk Dances like Bhangra, Ghoomar, Garba, Laavni etc
  • Kathak, Bharatnatyam (in semi classical pieces)
  • World Dance Basics
  • Exploring Indian Culture 
  • Understanding the use of beats/music
  • Proper Posture
  • Hand Gestures
  • Lyrical Movements
  • Expressions
  • Being confident
  • Getting Creative
  • Team Work
  • Out of the Box Thinking

Children will be taught the above based on their existing skill level.  The aim is to teach them to get creative within Indian fusion.

Once your child masters base learning and understanding of music, we will move into complex combinations.

What IFC Does for Adults

  • Choreography to Latest Trending Songs.
  • Themed Workshops.
  • Hook Steps to songs old and new
  • A Fun Workout
  • Leave the World Behind, Stress Free
  • Reminisce That Feeling of Attending Indian Clubs/ Weddings/ Sangeet
  • Unique Choreography on Request

Contact : or call (804) 433 3867