Reset Your Body On Keto!

Repair your relationship with your body on this 21-day Whole Keto Challenge with Nutrition Educator and Keto Expert, Leanne Vogel. 

With her gentle guidance, you'll spend the next 21 days fostering a new perspective that will help you see and celebrate your own worth, goodness, and beauty. So you can be happy now. Even if you’ve always struggled with self-judgment.

You’ll unleash the confident, happy lady you’ve wanted to be and set yourself on a path to freedom and self-acceptance, learning to trust in who you are - not who the world is telling you to be.

Which means, in just 3 weeks, you’ll already be on your way to becoming *that* woman...

Your Coach

Leanne Vogel, Nutrition Expert

What To Expect

Body Acceptance Missions

Take action every day so you're always implementing small, manageable new practices to retrain your mindset and combat the negative messaging all around you.

21 Daily Inspirational Emails

These form the foundation for your new body positive mindset. You'll be coached toward a totally different perspective so you can uncover the healthy, confident, empowered you.

Daily Confidence Builders

Inspirational wallpapers for your phone so you can keep the positivity flowing all day. Share on Instagram and get your friends and fam on board with all the love.

21-Day Whole Keto Workbook

Designed to help you put your new compassionate, kinder-to-you perspective into practice every day.

Success Stories


“Thank you for caring about our nutrition and making us feel so individual in our journey to health! Truly, I am learning to love myself for the first time–I just needed to know I was different and special."


“It was your support through your podcast and the resources you provide us that has given me the strength to stand up for myself and love myself again. You have given me the courage to start my own blog and share my story, something I thought I would never, ever have the guts to do. I just want to thank you for showing such strength and reminding me that I have the power over my thoughts and feelings about myself.”


“Her approach to life, keto, and health is one of balance, breaks the diet dogma, and really encourages people to be the expert of their own body. Leanne has inspired and empowered me to live my best life, to find what works for my body and stay focused on listening to the voice within.”

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