Most speakers don't know where to start so they opt out and give boring speeches 

YOU DON'T HAVE to do that


There is a process to making people laugh – and it’s not just for special people or stand-up comedians.


I always got laughs in my speeches but I didn’t know why.

They were accidental laughs!

I didn’t know if they were laughing with me or at me!

It didn’t bother me until I reached the semi-finals of a humorous speech contest and didn’t even finish in the top 3 of 10 speakers!

I felt embarrassed.

I was a new speaker. It was my fifth speech, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling of defeat. It haunted me.

From then on, I went on a mission to understand humour – and it paid off!

I went from getting accidental laughs in speeches and secretly wishing I had tools to breathe life into my speeches, to reaching the Toastmasters International UK Humorous Speech Contest FINALS!

After winning several regional rounds I got to the final and ended up finishing second in the UK!

I picked up a silver medal!

I used the same tools to win the College of Public Speaking Corporate Challenge Championship, two weeks later.

Then something amazing happened.

Whenever I spoke, I watched audiences lean forward, learn, listen and laugh!

Yes, when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere!

At church and in business settings; delivering keynotes at weddings, after dinner speeches and hosting – it was all the same response.

The great news is that you can do that too! 

I started to get feedback like this everywhere I spoke:

I put all the tools I've picked up on my journey into the


There are laws to laughter!

If you want to give standard speeches and just do a decent job, then you don’t need humour.

But if you want to give the type of presentation that makes you stand out and shine, the Humour FUNDAMENTALS KIT is just what you need. Check it out..

First, you’ll get my book, But I’m Not Funny

Where you will learn:

  • Tips, tricks and tactics to get your audience laughing
  • How to connect with the power of humour
  • How to make people laugh, even if you think you aren’t funny
  • Tips and tricks to create entertaining speeches with zero stress
  • Secrets to a world class speech delivery
  • Tools to make you stand out at every event!

You will get access to live video examples of the laws in action from the book

You will see one of my students deliver a humorous speech in front of a live audience after humour coaching

You will also get instant access to my Winning With Humour audio download

In this audio, you will learn:

  • How to be funny without telling jokes
  • Proven techniques to get your audience laughing
  • How to write and deliver a humorous speech
  • The 5 laws of laughter
  • Behind the scenes deconstruction of a humorous speech
  • Tips from a humour champion

And the audio comes with the Humour Fundamentals workbook to help you craft funny content

You will also get the Fundamentals of humour Mini course which contains

  • Why you should never start a speech by saying "let me tell you a joke"
  • What mindset shift you need to make to generate tons of laughter
  • The most neglected humour tool
  • Why it’s dangerous to copy someone else’s jokes
  • Why most stories fail when it comes to humour
  • The fundamentals of humor kit you will learn

Pick up the Humour Fundamentals Kit and kickstart your journey to more entertaining presentations!

That's featuring: But I'm Not Funny book, Winning With Humour 90-minute audio audio and workbook, plus the bonus Fundamental humour mistakes mini course.

Investment: £97.00

You are one step away from giving an unforgettable presentation!

“If you can tell a good story, they’ll remember what you said. If you can make them laugh, they will remember how you made them feel!” - Malachi