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Everything that you need to know to have a natural birth!

8 pages of tips and tricks that will help you achieve the natural birth you've been dreaming of.

The Natural Birth Mega Pack includes:

  • Our birth story
  • Natural birth cheat sheet
    • How to deal with labor pain
    • How to achieve a natural birth
  • Birth plan template
  • Research checklist
  • Guide to essential oils during labor
  • 10 positive birth affirmation cards

100% Free

This printable guide is completely free. Every mom-to-be deserves to know how to achieve a natural birth.

8 Pages of Invaluable Tips

This printable pack covers:

+ My best birth tips

+ Essential oils during labor

+ 10 Birth affirmation cards

...and way more helpful goodies! 

#1 Cheatsheet To Natural Hospital Births

This printable pack is a compilation of all of A Sip of Truth's top posts about natural birth. Get all of the information you need in bite-sized pieces.

Fill in the Blank Birth Template

Simple, easy to fill out, birth plan template included!

Save Money On Birth eBooks

Other natural birth eBooks can be costly. This guide to natural birth is free!

Easy To Read

Got questions about birth? Find the answers in the printable pack. Simple explanations and tips for newbies!