Are You A Christian Blogger? Do You Struggle With Balancing Faith and Blogging?

Blogging is tough. Especially, when you're a new Christian blogger. 

One of my biggest struggles was trying to find time to blog, plus the other gazillion things I had to do as a wife, mom, and Christian. 

That's when I decided I needed to get organized and created my first blogging planner, but something was still missing.

How could I combine my blogging, family, and spiritual tasks together to make my day more effective?

Thus the Blogging by Faith Mini Planner was created. 

A  simple printable planner filled with useful planner pages, blogging resources, and faith-based resources for Christian bloggers. 

Since I started using my Blogging by Faith planner I've been able to:

  • better understand my audience
  • increase my organic traffic
  • plan out my content in advance
  • use my bible study time to create faith-based content for my audience and grow spiritually

and so much more!

But don't take my word for it. 

    Download a Free Copy of the Blogging by Faith Mini Planner today!

    What's Inside ?


    Blank Monthly Calendar (s)

    Two blank monthly calendar templates.  Record your important dates, appointments, blog deadlines, and project timelines. 

    Content Planning Chart

    Use the content planning chart to plan your blog content for the year, as well as any major projects. 

    Weekly & Daily To-Do List

    Set a blogging goal for the week with the weekly blogging to-do list. Break down your goal into smaller daily tasks. Or use the daily to-do list to break down and prioritize all your tasks for the day. 

    Define Your Blog Audience

    Not sure who your audience is? Use this worksheet to define your target audience. 

    Blog SEO Checklist

    Use the blog post and SEO checklist to make sure that your blog post is written correctly and has been optimized for search engines. 

    3 Bible Study Methods for Bloggers

    Use these 3 bible study methods to share biblical insights with your audience:

    • Verse Mapping Worksheet
    • Biography (Character) Study
    • Topical Bible Study Worksheet

    Plus more pages!

    What are you waiting for?Get your planner today!