Wondering if...

Pursuing your purpose is a waste of time?

If you do leap, will you fail?

How to keep up with the existing obligations you already have AND finding enough time in the day to activate the life God has for you?

...Then Live your Godly Purpose Workshop is just for you! 

Free Workshops and Workbook:

*Action steps for putting God first 

*Discern desires from God

*How to step out on faith

*Activate your Godly purpose

*Printable user friendly workbook

*Guided reflection questions

*Action plans for maintaining accountability

*How to create your spiritual battle plan

*And more!

Your Godly Purpose

Workshop 1 

First Ministry

Leave room for Jesus. Learn how to start with Jesus and put him in the center of your life. Make him your co-creator as you begin to discern your Godly purpose.

Workshop 2

Step out on Faith

Take the scary, yet necessary steps to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, moving away from the things that are keeping you stuck.

Workshop 3 

Activate your Godly Purpose

Activate your Godly purpose by taking small step that help you move toward the life that God has designed for you.

Workshop Schedule:

Workshop 1: First Ministry 

How are you spending time with God?

Priorities matter. What do yours look like?

First ministry

Workshop 2: Stepping out on Faith 

The things that hold back

Rejecting your self-limiting beliefs

Disqualifying statements activity

Workshop 3: Activating your Godly purpose 

Head knowledge + heart knowledge = faith in action

Know your why

Jesus as your co-creator

Researching and planning

Setting up your Godly Purpose

Need more Information 

This three-day series will be full of personal testimonies, helpful resources, and concrete examples. 

If these sessions sound like something you need to move you forward, in the call God has for you, then this free series is for you!

If you have any questions about the Live your Godly Purpose series, feel free to email me at Sara@livingafaithfullife.com