Some of the endless benefits of Yoga.

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Ease maintaining balance through life's twists & turns.

Spirit Mind Body. Improved breathing, which leads to clarity, stillness of mind and concentration.


Regulates breathing which will in turn Ease Stress & Anxiety

A flexible body and mind ensure increased capacity to flow through the impact of life's inevitable twists & turns.  This is key to decreasing likelihood, severity and length of recovery time for injuries.  Pregnant and child birthing women will greatly benefit from yoga practice.

Balance Hormones

Regulate all bodily functions

Regulates Hormonal Imbalances. Flushes out toxins that can cause imbalance in hormones. Combats stress big time with also has a domino effect of regulating hormones.  Hormones regulate: 
* Metabolism  * Heart Rate  *sleep cycles  *reproductive cycles and sexual function  *general growth and development  *mood and stress levels  *body temperature


    Improve Posture, Strengthen Spine and tone up Muscles.

    Increased: Stamina, Strength, Suppleness.  Ideal after injury, even as a recovery tool and possible prevention to more devastating injury.  such as whiplash.

    Deep Cleansing

    Cleansing Internally

    Cleansing and conditioning of Internal Systems and enhancement of bodily functions - digestion, lymph nodes etc. Excellent along side a detoxing programme.

    Prevention is Better Than Cure

    Modern Dis-ease Prevention & Recovery

    Modern Dis-ease Prevention & Recovery along side conventional treatment modalities.

    Assists in the management of or recovery from Cancer, HIV, Arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.