Want helpful ideas for teaching your preschooler?

This ready to go preschool curriculum will give lots of great ideas that are easy to implement right away! 

Created by a preschool teacher mom, this printable ebook has book lists and simple themed activities for every letter of the alphabet. 

This curriculum has all the activities planned so you can simply pick and choose what you want to do with your child. 

This preschool curriculum makes teaching your child at home easy and enjoyable!

Why use a themed curriculum? You'll get...

Theme Book Lists

Each letter theme has at least 10 books that fit with the theme for lots of reading fun!

Theme Learning Activities

All learning activities are simple and easy to do with your kids with little to no special prep. 

Theme Snack Ideas

Even your snack ideas can fit with your letter theme! It's just one more aspect to make learning connections.

What ABC themes are included?

A is for Apple

B is for Books

C is for Colors

D is for Dog

E is for Elephant

F is for Fairy Tales

G is for Gingerbread Men

H is for Hats

I is for Ice Cream

J is for Jungle

K is for Kings and Queens

L is for Lions

M is for Mittens

N is for Nursery Rhymes

O is for Ocean

P is for Penguins

Q is for Quilts

R is for Rhyming

S is for Silly Stories

T is for Transportation

U is for Umbrellas

V is for Violins

W is for Weather

X is for X-ray and eXercise

Y is for Yummy

Z is for Zoo

    What is included in this curriculum?

    This ABC curriculum is an 85 page ebook - in pdf format for you to use and print. It is delivered within minutes of payment, via email.

    This curriculum includes 2 pages of content for each letter of the alphabet. Each letter theme includes:

    • A book list with 10 (or more) themed books
    • 10 (or more) themed activities
    • A Journal prompt
    • Cooking / Snack ideas
    • Letter art ideas
    • A printable worksheet for each letter of the alphabet to use for tracing and coloring

    Note: The learning activities are simple, in that they are easy to do with materials already found in your home. However, this curriculum is not light on content with plenty of activities to engage your child in active learning!

    Here's what moms are saying about this ABC curriculum. 

    Download your pdf copy and have instant access to this ABC curriculum. You can print it and begin using the alphabet activities with your child right away!

    Note: After purchasing, you will receive instant download access to the curriculum, as well as a download link via your email.

    About the Author

    Hi! I'm Kristen - a wife and mom of 4 little ones. 

    I have an Elementary Education and Early Childhood Teaching Degree as well as a Masters of Education. 

    I spent 10 years teaching before staying home to teach my own children. I absolutely loved teaching Preschool and Kindergarten. Now, I am just as excited to share those learning years with my own children - and yours! 

    I am also the blogger behind www.JoyfullyThriving.com where I share practical ways to simplify life at home. 

    Want to start using these ready to go ABC themes with your child?

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