Learn to Accept Yourself!


  • Feeling good enough as you are
  • Not worrying about what other people think
  • Finding joy in who YOU are!

You can have this.

Acceptance is possible. I've done it - and so can you!

Take the 5 Day Challenge!


Let go of judgment for BETTER RELATIONSHIPS!


Change your self-talk for more CONFIDENCE!


Plus gain practices that allow you to EMBRACE who YOU ARE!

How It Works


November 6


November 10

For 5 days I'll send you one daily email with an overview of the day's topic.

You'll hop into the Woke Woman's Hearth Facebook group to see me LIVE daily talking about that topic and get an action item for the day.

To help you stay accountable, I'll give points for each action item and even some BONUS actions!

The more points, the more likely you'll get one of the AWESOME prizes to help take you EVEN further in accepting yourself!

On Friday November 10 I'll announce the winners of the challenge!

Who I Am

I learned acceptance the hard way.

In 2013 I lost everything and was forced to confront my truth. Over the next two years, I studied. I read every book I could. I read articles, blogs, took classes, talked with friends, journaled, published, and meditated.

​At the end of this intense exploration, I was a completely different person.

I owned and embraced my whole self. I felt happy every day. I felt love for myself and others. My whole life transformed!

Now ​I experience joy, peace, and love every day of my life.

​I want you to experience the same thing!