Carbon, energy, waste, plastics, food, transport and travel… 

Do you want to take action, but need a plan?

Are you ready to address the pressing environmental issues in your business but are you unsure where to begin and lack a plan? 

The template is complete with lots of handy explanations so that you will: 

  • Be inspired on where you can take action regardless the size of your operation
  • Avoid overwhelm by focusing on the priority areas
  • Identify how you will measure  success
  • Communicate with your team so they can support your process

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Where do you start and what do you prioritise?

The benefit of this is that it will:

  • Allow you to get started with some easy-wins

  • Build confidence and momentum with your team

  • Provide content and comms for your stakeholders

Gathering data

The first action for almost all areas will be to gather data to understand the depth of the impact and identify if your interventions have made a difference.

And the last action will be monitoring and measuring your impacts - I have included columns for you to plan out our monitoring and measuring on the FREE action plan.  

Setting targets

And if you don’t meet them, you can understand and explain why, to stakeholders without it being deemed a failure.

Companies like Unilever are transparent about how close they came to their targets and why they didn’t meet them.

The key aspect for targets is putting in a process to gather data and monitoring. Without data, you will never know what you have achieved!

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Need further support?  

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Plus guidance on how to create an engaging sustainability policy that inspires your team and aligns you with your clients and customers. 

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