Being and activist and deliberately creating your own reality can feel complicated and complex.

"How can I say we create our own reality when there is structural violence?"

"How can I be active against the injustices my community experiences & focus on things that feel good to me?"

"I somehow know Law of Attraction is not about victim blaiming, but it is hard for me to grasp let alone explain to others?"

"I've struggled for a long time with the inner conflict between my LOA self and my social justice self.  Sadly, this has resulted in being ineffective with both."

These are some of the messages that activist write me in regards to law of attraction.

I have asked myself these questions for about 20 years of being involved in activism. I don't have this all figured out. And I won't let that stop me. As a law of attraction coach it is my passion to empower people to actively create a better world for themselves and others. 

Please join me in this conversation!

I am offering a free webinar in English and a free webinar in German!

On this FREE Webinar

Activism & LOA

I will share with you how activism itself has let me to deeply understand the core principles of law of attraction

Q & A

You get to ask real questions and recieve  my honest answers 


Get tools to (re)claim your agency. Learn how to change the status quo, while expecting the best for yourself and others. 



10:00am pacific time

in English



19 Uhr

auf Deutsch

Virtual Coaching Group

Starting November 2019

A virtual coaching group for misfits and rule breakers, who expect the best for themself and the world.

Practice deliberate creation

Get input & practice to set intentions, gain clarity when you feel stuck, let go of things that don't serve you.


Take this time to re-charge yourself & get inspired.

No prepwork, no homework. Just be present and engaged

Live Coaching

Get coached by me

experience how other members of the group let go and evolve. 

Virtual Group

Participate on the computer or from your phone
2x / month

No facebook group,
just emails : )

Women*, non-binary & trans*persons

straight or queer - I respect your pronouns, family and relationship concepts.

Queer Migrant Mom

I am your host with 8 years of expericence in coaching migrants/queers/people of color/activists. I provide a setting where you get to be your complex self.

For more information on how to join the virtual coaching group, click here.

About the Host

Joy Zalzala-Soyka

I am a Law of Attraction coach and a multicultural, lesbian mom.

I started my own coaching practice in 2012, based on many years of experience as a counsellor for women and trans* people who have experienced violence or discrimination.

I believe in deliberate creation, I love turning ideas into action, and following unconventional paths.

Based in Berlin, Germany, I work across Europe and North America. 

I am fluent in English and German.