cultivate worth beyond measurement!

The ADAPT Community

Hear from myself and speakers in the health and wellness industry to learn how to build a positive, meaningful relationship with food and your body.

Connect with people on a similar path to food freedom and body liberation.

Gain access to podcast recommendations, recipe ideas, thought-provoking journal prompts, and other resources to support your journey towards holistic health.

Is The ADAPT Community right for you?

We are a weight-inclusive, body-diverse community that aims to break down diet culture by promoting curiosity, compassion, and courage as we explore what health and wellness get to look like outside of weight loss. We are a community designed to help you cultivate worth beyond measurement!

It can be intimidating, frustrating, and triggering learning ideas and concepts that push against the messages you have been receiving regarding health and weight for years. 

Therefore, if you choose to be a part of this community, I invite you to do so with an open-mind and your best interest at heart.

If you are exhausted feeling the need to control your eating habits 24/7 and wish to find peace with food...

If you are done with the relentless pursuit of the "perfect" body and wish to put in the work to practice body-acceptance...

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